Phased Rollout

Switch GSAN is comprised of multiple satellites around the world that are interconnected to multiple teleport facilities via fiber to create an unprecedented, high-throughput global network. GSAN includes the state-of-the art iDirect Velocity platform hub architecture with redundancy and reliability built right in. No need for expensive teleport colocation fees, high upfront costs or complicated infrastructure!

GSAN Phase I

Available Q1/2017

Switch GSAN is being rolled out in two phases, the first of which will be available in Q1/2017.

Key features of GSAN Phase I include:

  • Multiple New HTS (High-Throughput) Satellites + Traditional Broadbeams
  • iDirect Velocity platform
  • Approximately 600ms latency
  • Up to 200 Mbps throughput per beam
  • Near global coverage (see map below)
  • Utilize Ku/C-band parabolic antennas and new 23" SCOUT Flat Panel Array antennas


Available 2019/2020

Switch GSAN Phase II will bring unheard of coverage, speeds and latency normally associated with terrestrial infrastructure such as fiber. Leveraging the rapidly-developing LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite constellations, GSAN Phase II will re-write the rules when it comes to providing communications to literally every square inch of the planet.

Key features of GSAN Phase II include:

  • Canada first-to-market
  • 648 LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellites
  • Approximately 30ms latency
  • 400Mbps per beam (970km x 65km)
  • Global coverage (pole to pole)

Partner With Us

We are looking for Wholesale Partners and Authorized Agents around the globe to help us sell our services. Switch has developed its partner programs to enable you with faster speeds with unlimited data in your market to win more business and increase your margin.

Rather than trying to compete against you, we provide local leads and help support you in your markets. We want you to grow with us and share the revenue. We are a wholesale integrator and have other services we also layer on top like phone, security services, television and managed internet services. We concentrate on developing cutting-edge services for you to sell to your clients to help expand your business.

To get started, fill out either the Wholesale Partner Application or Authorized Agent Application and we will be in contact shortly with additional information on becoming a part of our new exciting GSAN network!

Authorized Agent Application    Wholesale Partner Application

Authorized Agents

Wholesale Partners

Facilitate sale and hand over customer to Switch for support/billing Maintain customer relationship and support/bill end customer directly
No minimums for sales volume Monthly minimums for sales volumes (flexible ramp-up period available)
Sell Switch products & services to end customer Sell own products and services but with Switch technology behind it
Tend towards individual sales of specific products & services Tend towards bulk purchase of Switch products & services
No white labelling option White labelling optional
Earn a % of monthly-recurring revenue Mark up wholesale rates and sell direct

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific Internet needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.

* Coverage area shown is approximate. Please inquire for details.