Microwave Backhaul

Switch provides cutting-edge Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) microwave solutions for fixed and mobile applications in both licensed and unlicensed bands. Microwave is the perfect solution for longer term remote locations that require extremely stable, high-throughput links.

White Paper on Microwave Backhaul

Point-to-Point (PtP)

Switch’s PtP microwave solutions are a great way to get extremely stable, high-bandwidth internet to your remote location, or anywhere that is not being served by terrestrial backhaul. We have access to the largest communications tower network in Western Canada and many of these towers are fiber-fed. This means that we can deliver data rates upwards of 300Mbps depending on the exact location from distances as far as 100km or more.

We can solution microwave shots in unlicensed or licensed frequency bands, including 11Ghz for links covering large distances that require high throughput and very little interference.

We rent or can sell mobile communications towers as high as 150' to be placed at the remote location, or can have a lattice (truss) or guyed tower built to the highest standards through our tower partners.

Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP)

Switch provides cutting-edge Point-to-MultiPoint (PTMP) solutions for fixed and mobile applications, with throughput speeds close to the 300Mbps data rate, even in low SNR environments using packet optimization technologies.

Switch’s PtMP solutions are typically delivered in urban environments and work extremely well for locations that are just out of reach of terrestrial services and that are within 10-15km of the donor point. PtMP also provides excellent connectivity for local areas that are underserved by cellular coverage but need a high-throughput, stable connection (examples include emergency vehicles or police).

Let us custom design your perfect solution

Every microwave solution requires a custom design and path analysis as well as a cost-benefit analysis to determine the economic viability of the link as it relates to the term and logistics of the project. We will undertake this analysis free of charge in order to provide you with a quote and solution that you can depend on.

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific Internet needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.