Virtual Fax

SIP Trunking from Switch is the solution for companies who currently own or are considering upgrading their own PBX (private branch exchange).

Virtual Fax Login

Virtual Fax

A virtual fax is a regular Toll Free number assigned to a person's email address. Anyone can send a fax to the toll free number and the fax simply gets sent over to you as an email.

To send a fax using your virtual line, simply log in to the portal provided by Switch, attach the document and enter the fax number.

A Virtual Fax Line is that simple and efficient! Best of all, your fax line follows you wherever you go. When your business location changes or your remote office moves sites, your fax number will never have to change.

Faxing Made Simple

  • Sending and receiving faxes is as simple as using email.
  • Send faxes direct from your email.
  • View incoming faxes as an attachment.

Phone Lines Stay Free

  • No fax machine or dedicated phone line is needed to use this service. Simply an internet connection.
  • Customers will never receive a busy signal.

Access Your Faxes Virtually Anywhere:

  • All you need is an internet connection to log in online and view your faxes.
  • Be alerted via SMS or email when a new fax arrives.

Additional Features

Your Switch Virtual Fax Line comes with many possible features, including Multiple Email recipients, Fax Headers and Footers and Fax Cover Pages.

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific phone needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.