Today's customers have high expectations for television. Our innovative, compact, state-of-the-art headend technology serves as the platform on which we deliver flexible, scalable and cost-effective television service.

Television Services & Options

Our experience and intimate knowledge of the industry and the logistics involved in the delivery of television service to remote locations sets us apart from the competition. Switch can install a wide range of television options in oil/gas/construction camps, hotels, lodges or other facilities efficiently and quickly, catering to a wide range of customer needs. Switch currently offers three industry-leading options for television:

Digital Television
Switch Digital Television provides a crystal clear picture, extensive programming and the option for over 220 channels. It is the ultimate television viewing experience!

Digital Fusion
Switch Digital Fusion combines both analog and digital signals into one headend, providing the ultimate in television service customization. It is a completely unique technology that allows Switch to offer you a wide range of TV programming options.

Digital FusionXL
Switch Digital FusionXL offers all the great features of Switch Digital Fusion, but with the flexibility to customize up to 80 analog channels in a customer-designed line-up that sets the standard for programming choice.

Switch Channel Guide System
The Switch Channel Guide System gives your hotel or remote lodge the ability to provide a guide menu channel for your guests. This guide menu channel can be added to any Digital or Analog CATV System, allowing your guests to see what shows are playing and coming up on your television system, and includes an optional Safety/Info channel.

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific television needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.

* High definition television service requires an HD-capable television set