Today's customers have high expectations for television. Our innovative, compact, state-of-the-art headend technology serves as the platform on which we deliver flexible, scalable and cost-effective television service.

Television Services & Options

Switch Television, comprised of our Iris IPTV, Digion, Fusion and Fusion XL headends, provides a crystal clear picture and extensive programming. It is the ultimate television viewing experience for your remote camp, lodge, office or project! We also offer our revolutionary Scrolling Channel Guide and Safety/Info Channel, which can be installed in any existing digital or analog CATV system.

NEW! Iris IPTV: A Revolutionary New Television Solution
Switch Iris IPTV is a revolutionary, content-centric television solution that brings the future of viewing to your guests' screens. A carefully prepared, screen-by-screen user interface allows easy and seamless navigation through channels and other content, including VOD (Video on Demand), PPV, custom channel packages, a web browser and more!

Switch Iris IPTV also includes a Hospitality System designed to supercharge the hotel television experience with on screen ordering, concierge services, integration with hotel property management systems and many other killer features.

IPTV Without the Strings

Unlike other IPTV offerings, Iris IPTV can be delivered via Fibre, Microwave AND Satellite. This means that no matter where your hotel is located or what services are available, Switch can provide Iris IPTV!

Digion: 100% Switch Digital Television
Switch Digion TV is a cutting-edge, IPTV-ready, CATV television solution meant for newer camp and lodge facilities which supply rooms with televisions built with digital QAM tuners, which include most models manufactured after 2012. Providing a 100% digital signal means perfect video and audio quality for viewers.

Fusion: Analog + Digital Television
Switch Digital Fusion combines both analog and digital signals into one CATV headend, providing the ultimate in television service customization. It is a completely unique technology that allows Switch to offer you a wide range of TV programming options, including standard analog line-ups for standard rooms and the option of adding digital set-top boxes to VIP rooms which can provide over 220 channels.

FusionXL headends provide all the great features of Switch Fusion but allow up to 80 analog channels for standard rooms.

Both Fusion and FusionXL come standard with a passive scrolling channel guide, which is unique in the industry.

Scrolling Channel Guide & Safety/Info Channel
The Switch Channel Guide System gives your hotel or remote lodge the ability to provide a scrolling channel guide for your guests to see shows playing now and coming up over the next couple hours. The Safety/Info Channel is a great way to communicate important information to your guests, including orientations, weather updates and more, all made possible through a cloud admin interface.

The Switch Channel Guide comes standard with all Switch headends, but both the Channel Guide and Safety/Info Channel can be added to any Digital or Analog CATV System as separate systems, housed in self-contained enclosures.

Switch works with each individual client to ensure your specific television needs are met. Please contact our sales department to discuss your business needs and get a custom quote.

* High definition television service requires an HD-capable television set