Digion 100% Digital CATV

The Switch Digion Television system is a cutting-edge, extremely reliable CATV television solution that features perfect picture and sound.

Switch Digion TV - Taking Cable Television Into the Future

The 100% digital signal means that viewers can expect crystal clear audio and video meant for today’s advanced television screens*. Digion headends are meant for newer camp and lodge facilities which supply rooms with televisions built with digital QAM tuners, which include most models manufactured after 2012.

Robust, Reliable and Configurable

Switch Digion Television systems do not require access authorizations for the headend receivers to function. All receivers in the headend are pre-authorized and configured. Channel lineups can be set remotely, eliminating the need for a technician visit should the system manager wish to change the programming for a particular channel. In addition, the receivers themselves are enterprise-grade, resulting in a robust, reliable system.

Scale Your Channel Lineup

The number of channels in a Switch Digion TV system are easily scaled up from the standard 24-channel lineup to either 48 channels or 72. This means that as your viewers’ demands for more channels grow, so can your television system.

With our digital television packages, you have the choice to add either or both of our movie packs. Movie Pack #1 includes Encore Avenue, HBO East/West and Movie Central. Movie Pack #2 includes Super Channels 1-4, Sundance Channel, TCM and Mystery TV.

Compact, Eco-Friendly Headend Design

The Switch Digion Headend is a very compact unit, a half to a quarter of the size of a traditional analog headend. This results in less space being required to house the headend as well as less power being needed.

Ready for the Next Revolution in Television

Switch Digion TV Systems are IP-stream capable, meaning that the headend is already set up to provide Switch Iris IPTV**, with minimal configuration.

Set It and Forget It

Switch Digion headends require only one satellite dish to operate, resulting in a quicker and less expensive installation. Auto-aiming dishes and redundancy are also available, resulting in the ultimate in trouble- and maintenance-free operation.

Scrolling Channel Guide

All television systems from Switch come with the Switch Channel Guide System for a quick and easy way to view current shows and channels, which is unique for analog service. It’s just another way that Switch is taking technology further.

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* High definition television service requires an HD-capable television set
** Iris IPTV requires a set top box for each television in order to function