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Switch Iris IPTV is a revolutionary, content-centric television solution that brings the future of viewing to television screens. A carefully prepared, screen-by-screen user interface allows easy and seamless navigation through channels and other content.

What makes Iris IPTV different?

Iris IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a new, modern way to watch television. It adds an unprecedented degree of interactivity and makes older, CATV-style televisions seem like a relic from the past. It adds the ability to browse other live programming while continuing to watch the current show and get detailed information about current and upcoming programming on demand, as well as great features like a "mosaic" view which shows live thumbnails of multiple shows so you not only see the program, but see what the program is broadcasting, all in real-time! These are just a few of the fantastic features of Switch Iris IPTV.

Electronic Programming Guide

iris_epg The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) provides continuously updated menus displaying the broadcast programming or the scheduling information for the current and the upcoming program. The viewer can choose between a vertical and multi EPG.

Archive Viewer

iris_epg Through Iris IPTV Archive, the viewer gets a unique way to access catch-up TV content. All programs are automatically sorted in a “VOD style” Interface for easy access. Viewers are able to access recorded programs without having to go through the hassle of scheduling the recording themselves in advance. Archive Program Player enables control of archive program feature which allows users to pause, rewind, forward and also access basic program data, like total time, name, and image preview.

VOD (Video on Demand)

iris_epg Enjoy being able to start watching popular movie titles instantly with the Iris IPTV VOD (Video on Demand) feature! Standard controls such as play, pause, rewind, fast-forward are at your fingertips. VOD purchases are billed to your account, giving you the easiest and best way to watch movies on your Iris IPTV system!

Media Player

iris_epg Viewers can plug their external drives, USB or external HDD and play their multimedia files. The offer of user’s data is easily accessible from the basic menu, where customer will access his folders and files of music, videos, pictures, etc.

Channel Editor

iris_epg Using the Channel Editor, viewers can change order of the channel, set parental lock, perform individual adjustments of the sound level and choose the language. These features are only possible with IPTV and just go to show how revolutionary the new television technology has become.


iris_epg Want to know the current weather and forecast for your city or others? Using the Weather features, users can access current and forecasted weather in predefined cities for up to 7 days.

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