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IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a new, modern way to watch your favourite shows. It adds an unprecedented degree of interactivity and makes older, CATV-style televisions seem like a relic from the past.

Switch Iris IPTV is a revolutionary, content-centric television solution that brings the future of viewing to television screens. A carefully prepared, screen-by-screen user interface allows easy and seamless navigation through channels and other content.

Browse other live programming while continuing to watch the current show and catch up on shows you missed with CatchupTV! These are just a few of the fantastic features of Iris IPTV from Switch.


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Electronic Programming Guide

iris_epg The interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) provides continuously updated menus displaying the broadcast programming or the scheduling information for the current and the upcoming program. The viewer can choose between a vertical and horizontal EPG layout and choose to watch or record a program.

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iris_epg Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about remembering to record a show and just catch up the next day? Iris IPTV's CatchupTV feature allows you to do just that. For selected channels, Iris IPTV automatically records programming for the entire channel for 48 hours allowing you to go back in time to play, pause and even choose to record the show locally or to the cloud for later.

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Cloud PVR

iris_epg If you elect to record your favourite show to the cloud, you can access that recording using any other device attached to your account (5 devices maximum). Keep the recording for as long as you want without taking up any space on your set-top box.

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iris_epg Enjoy YouTube from within Iris IPTV! Search for videos using keywords and watch popular and top videos organized into categories such as Film & Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Sports and more.

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3rd Party Apps

iris_epg Many illegitimate IPTV boxes are based on Android and let you install apps. But Iris IPTV makes it super easy by giving you the ability to install and launch selected apps like Netflix right from the user interface. And when you are done with the app, exiting takes you right back to Iris IPTV.

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