Core Team

Darren Hokanson


“Over 15 years of bringing communications to the most remote regions on Earth has taught me to always (re)innovate. Learning to overcome obstacles has taught me many lessons and skills that I use in my work every day. I love finding ways to improve how we deliver communications to the world.”

1 (780) 628-3800 ext. 102

Aaron Hokanson

Chief Technology Officer

“As a lifelong student of technology and shameless geek I love getting my hands dirty and figuring out how things work. Creativity takes many forms.”

1 (780) 628-3800 ext. 109

Edward Abt

VP Business Development

“Meeting the needs of the customer builds trust. Trust leads to recurring business. Recurring business leads to value creation. It all starts with understanding the customer.”

1 (780) 628-3800 ext. 121