First Nations Enablement

Connecting Communities to the World of Information

Photo by WCS Canada / Cheryl Chetkiewicz

Enabling First Nations & Connecting Communities

Switch believes strongly in enabling remote communities and local businesses (mainly ISPs) in order to provide first-class, industry-grade telecommunications services to their customers through wholesale partnerships, authorized agents and other programs designed to create employment and monthly-recurring revenue.

Switch has numerous partnerships and alliances with First Nations throughout Canada and treasures its role as an upstream provider of services including Television, Phone, Internet and Security Cameras.

In particular, Switch’s GSAN (Global Satellite Access Network) creates unique opportunities for internet service in First Nations communities and other remote areas that are underserved or otherwise impossible to service using terrestrial services. Through its partnership with the leading satellite providers in the world, Switch is able to provide satellite segment in Canada at prices that are the best in the industry. Not only that, Switch’s GSAN is backed by the largest satellite network on Earth, resulting in superior redundancy, reliability and throughput.

Switch can also provide Fiber and Microwave Backhaul to First Nations and remote communities that are within reach of terrestrial infrastructure at wholesale rates or through authorized agents. These internet delivery methods can be very cost-effective and easily re-distributed within the community.

Connecting communities to the world of information at our fingertips is critical to ensuring future prosperity, stability, education and health. Switch believes that this can be achieved through mutually-beneficial relationships with First Nations that create jobs, advance technology, enhance educational opportunities and facilitate interaction with other communities as well as the world.