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Switch leverages the experience and expertise it has gained in the Oil & Gas sector to provide a responsive, innovative solution and “get it done yesterday” attitude to its many clients across a multitude of markets.

Switch had its beginnings in the Western Canadian Oil & Gas sector and soon emerged as one of the leading providers of triple-play, turnkey telecommunications solutions. As one of the very first companies to offer wifi internet in camp and lodge rooms, Switch helped revolutionize the remote workplace experience and raise the guest experience for its clients. Rounding out its internet offerings, Switch soon delivered television and VoIP phone service and continues to do so.

As a natural extension to its Oil & Gas solutions, Switch also provides telecommunications services, especially satellite internet, to the mining and exploration industry in Canada directly and through industry partners.

In 2012, Switch began offering DSL, fiber, VoIP telephony and other services to SMEs in Western Canada. Switch recently released its Boost Business DSL which offers fiber-like speeds at a fraction of a cost. Switch is always looking for new and better ways to deliver service to businesses and continues to penetrate the market with its innovative solutions.

There are many similarities between Oil & Gas remote camps and hotels. In fact, the only real difference is the location and amenities that are offered. Switch has taken its experience in Oil & Gas and has extended it to the hospitality industry. With its revolutionary Iris IPTV Hospitality module from Switch, hotels can take their television offering and leap forward into the modern era with the latest features, interactivity and technology.

Switch offers internet backhaul and satellite internet services to governments and towns that are unable to get terrestrial services and need to provide connectivity to local populations.

Switch offers residential internet, including Boost DSL, as well as VoIP services to customers across Canada.