Live TV Anywhere

Live content, streamed direct to your phone, tablet, computer or TV.


The local news, your favorite shows, and the timeless classics you grew up with. Simple. Who ever needed a 1000+ channels, anyway?


Stream directly to your phone, tablet, or computer, wherever you are. Home. Work. Heck, even the beach. Whenever, wherever.

No Contract

With prices as low as $19.95/month, Switch OTT is a product you won't want to cancel. But if you do, no worries. No cancellation fees.

How does Switch OTT work?

Easy, that's How.

Download, Login, Enjoy!

Simple as that. Take Switch OTT with you on-the-go on your phone. Stream it straight to your TV at home. Heck, you could even load it on a tablet to keep the kids occupied. No cords. No contracts. No problems.

Everything should be this easy.


Commercial Applications

For hotels and bars looking for an alternate means of content delivery, Switch OTT is an innovative, low-cost option. Learn more by talking with Switch's sales team at or by calling 780.628.3800 ext 1.

It's time to cut the cord!

Watch what you want, went you want, where you want. Your TV, anywhere. With pricing as low as $19.95/month, how can you afford not to?

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